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Thursday 14 January 2010

Installing IronPython Studio

Right, this is my first blog post - I'm going to jump right in with a brief note on installing IronPython Studio.

I found an excellent resource:
( thanks Ben ) which really has to take credit for the content of this post - I just wanted my own record of it.

So, here are the steps:
  1. Use the link below to get the Visual Studio 2008 Shell ( isolated mode ) Redistributable
    ( ) [tidy, no?]
  2. Run this to unpack the actual installer ( plus license, notes etc. )
  3. Run the extracted installer ( make sure you've closed any VS related apps )
  4. Now go to to get the VS Shell add-in
  5. Extract and run the installer you found there
More info on extending Visual Studio can be found at

That's it, I'd like to find a way of installing the version that integrates with an existing VS 2008 install - but that's for another day.

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